Barefoot Larry


Where did the name "Barefoot Larry" come from, since you wear Thong Sandals when you play?

This question has come up enough times to justify an Explanation

Barefoot Larry's  feet don't get cold... at least it very rarely gets cold enough in South Texas for him to justify wearing proper shoes just to keep warm!

During the late 1980's, Larry used to show up at the houses of friends to jam, wearing only thong sandals for shoes, no matter WHAT the outside temperature.

In The Dead Of Winter, the comment was often made, "Man, aren't your feet cold??? You might as well be Barefooted!

This typically came from his Musical Friends, Rick Rodriguez and Doug Winn.

Ultimately, someone said, upon arrival, "Barefoot Larry's Here!".

THAT is the actual origin of the name.

It isn't an invented stage name, and in fact, he does NOT play with no shoes on (not exactly).

It's just that He likes to be comfortable if there's not a good reason NOT to be, and thong sandals (year-round) are comfortable.

It's not unusual to find Barefoot Larry pumping gas at 2:30am, after a gig in January, standing in thong sandals while wearing a jacket to keep the rest of him (which DOES get cold) warm. 


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